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Make the right choice when building your home. The Draft Assembly understands the importance of working with the right people throughout the development process. We connect apartment-owners and property investors with the architects, interior designers and landscapers best suited to their goals, ensuring that they work with a team of people who understand their vision.

At The Draft Assembly, we facilitate and enable stunning design. With a deep pool of architects and designers as well as a rigorous understanding of what it takes to build beautiful, functional homes, we help achieve exceptional results on briefs of every size and complexity. Whether you want to transform your flat into the perfect place to raise your family, or are an investor looking to make a recently acquired apartment block more attractive to the rental market, we can assist. Set your project up for success and make your first step towards your goal by speaking to our team.

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Working with the right team of people means more than just a better result, it means a quicker and more pleasant construction process. Where the brief demands special attention to an area like energy-efficiency or sustainable construction materials and methods, we can connect you with a knowledgeable and experienced residential design team. Rest assured that your apartment is in good hands when you entrust it to The Draft Assembly.

Finding people who you click with creatively makes every stage of the build faster and easier, minimising stress and allowing you to focus on the more important things in your life. Spend less time worrying about the project and more time enjoying your beautiful new apartment when you partner with The Draft Assembly and our talented team of designers and architects.

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Ensure you are getting the support you need and deserve from the earliest days of your project and work with The Draft Assembly to build your dream design team. Get in touch today by emailing us at, or call us directly at our Melbourne location on 0431 728 190.


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