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Working with an Architecture and Design Advocate

With project management expertise, extensive industry reach and expert negotiation skills, an architecture and design advocate can save you time and money when looking to build or renovate your property.

At The Draft Assembly, our team of professionals have years of industry insight and expertise. We are skilled in the art of understanding your brief and budget expectations – and providing impartial advice on the options which are available to you for the design, build or renovation of your property.

Our extensive industry reach and community of Architects and Designers alike, ensures that when you engage The Draft Assembly to procure your project, you are getting the best project team for your specific requirements at the best value.

The Draft Assembly’s team of architectural and design advocates are highly regarded in the industry. Working with our team will help you clarify your needs and wants list, assist you in selecting the best performing team to help and help you level the playing field when dealing with contract negotiation. Your principle family residence is, after all, one of the biggest investments you will ever make!

Depending on your needs, an advocate can help advise on property or development options, manage the set up of your project, advise on the selection of your key consultants and negotiate each contract on your behalf.

Great relationships create great outcomes and we’re here to ensure that not only is the outcome fantastic, the journey to get there is just as enjoyable.

Contact us now to arrange your free property appraisal and start the process of building your dream home.

14 February 2017 — The Draft Assembly